Company formation in Bulgaria for 400 EUR

The team of Your Accounting Ltd is a specialized in the delivery of tax consulting and financial consulting, accounting services and financial analysis.

Our ambitions are focused on building long-term business relationship with our clients, loyal attitude and individual approach towards them.

Your Accounting Ltd has developed a special package Company formation in Bulgaria . The package includes a full range of accounting services.

These services are suitable for customers who have decided to start a new business in Bulgaria.

Details regarding Company formation of LLC in Bulgaria:

Formation of LLC with a foundation capital of 1 euro – our fees 400 euro (including state fee, attorney remuneration, stamp, expenses for translation and it’s legalization).

If a company shall be a shareholder there will be additional expenses for translation and it’s legalization depending of content of Certificate/s that we will need.

LLC (OOD) can be formed by one or more shareholders (natural persons or entity).

The minimal foundation capital is 1 euro. Shareholders liability is limited to the amount of subscribed foundation capital.

At least one director is required by law. Director could be any person.

What kind of documents we need:

  1. A copy of national ID documents of all shareholders (if more than one). If a company will be a shareholder – Certificate of Good Standing stating the legal presence and representation.
  2. A copy of national ID document of Manager/Director of the company
  3. Scope of company activity
  4. Three variants of desired company name
  5. Company registered seat and address

Your personal presence upon registration is not necessary.

Once you meet these requirements we will prepare and send you (1 to 3 working days for drafting) the necessary papers to sign (bilingual Bulgarian – English), some of them must be signed in front public notary with an Apostille (when outside Bulgaria) or in Bulgarian diplomatic mission.

Using Bulgarian Embassy/consulate is faster and cheaper than using local Public notary. With the last, Apostille will be needed and additional expenses for translation and verification in Bulgaria.

When we receive already signed papers we will submit the company papers to the Commercial Register. After about 1-2 days your new company will be ready and we will provide you UIC code.

When dealing with companies registered in other EU state members, in some cases VAT registration is mandatory.  Even that in most cases transactions with such companies are with 0% VAT tax rate, so called intra-Community supplies.

  • VAT registration is not included in this package. Usually costs additionally 50 euro onetime.
  • Registered address (virtual address) is not included – 120 euro/year.
  • Operational bank account is not included. Personal presence of company manager/director is required by most of the banks during EU regulation for prevention of money laundering.Even that there is an option to be opened remotely – this will cost you 50