Your Accounting Ltd. provide you a full range of payroll services in Bulgaria. Regardless of the type of your business activity, we offer you all necessary payroll services for your company, related to payroll processing.

We will help you focus on the human resources and their management.

We will explain the whole process from the initiation, modification and termination of employment contracts. In all these cases we prepare the necessary documentation.

If you want we can make preliminary calculations of the cost for your staff and to do a business plan. So you will be able to forecast your staff costs.

If you are unable to organize interviews for selection of personnel we can do it that for you. We only need to give us your requirements and according to them we will offer you suitable staff.
After our analysis of labour costs we can start preparation and maintenance of all administrative documents required by the Bulgarian law, related in employment terms.

We are always available to give you consultations related to all types of labour legal and administrative issues, pertaining to the organization’s employees.

Usually the prices of payroll services varies according to the number of staff in your company. So for more information on pricing, please contact us by sending an inquiry.